The Chesapeake Group helps organizations develop and implement strategic and business plans–development being the straightforward, fun part, and implementation being the hard part.

For a more in depth understanding, please refer to our Vision.

How we do it

Our approach can be understood as a 3-step process:

1.Bring the key contributors of the organization together during a series of meetings to go through the analysis required to complete our Strategic and Business Planning Process.  Completing this process as a group is a great team-building experience and creates excitement and momentum to accomplish the Mission.

2.The major outcome of the Strategic and Business Planning Process is the development of a Single-Page Strategic Plan Summary.  This 1-page document enables everyone to have the longer terms goals in front of them on a daily basis and facilitates keeping priorities and decisions consistent with the strategic plan.  Regular group meetings are typically an integral part in the review process needed to monitor progress and make mid-course corrections.

3.Our experience has shown that since Actions = Results, it is necessary to develop and grow one’s people in order to Turn the Plan into Reality.  A key component of making this happen is typically developing a coaching relationship with the CEO or other key executives.

Once the plan is developed, we work together as partners in the implementation in a variety of ways

What we do